Water Damage Repairs for your phone or device

Took your iPhone Swimming?
Dropped it down the toilet?

Don't worry, we can help to get you and your iPhone reunited in no time!

90% of the time, your iPhone can be recovered!

Whether you have put your phone in the washing machine, or dropped it in a puddle, there is a high possibilty we can get your phone up and running again.

Unlike most companies, we wont charge you to test your phone. We have a no fix no fee policy.

In most cases, the phone will just require a new battery and a clean up costing around £50.

We can do most water damage repairs in 30 minutes, but in some cases if the water has caused a lot of damage, you may be required to leave your phone with us for further testing. Once the phone has been tested we will contact you to advise of the cost of the repair. Please note that there is no cost to test or if you don't go ahead with repairs. There is also no guarantee with water damage repairs.


Click here to book an appointment or you can mail your phone to us. Click here for postal info.

If you're would like more information about our water damage repair service,  fill in the form below and we will get back to you soon as possible.